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The Alpine Experience

After years of experimenting with the group Alpine Jazz Herd to get access to the nucleus of Swiss Alpine music by means of improvisation, Hans Kennel founded The Alpine Experience. It was an important step to get closer top the core  of typical Alpine music, still by means of improvisation, but with more respect for the already existing, rich variety of these musical sources and his personal roots.
While Rosa Loui is mainly instrumental (with the exception of Kennel’s natural Juz “Am Hans Sine” and two songs composed on two poems by famous poet Kurt Marti). A Call from the Alps is a testimony of  a of a fascinatinbg year-long cooperation with the outstanding female-voice quartet “s’Heuis”, or the Schönbächler Sisters. Four young women whose untempered, bell-clear voices surprisingly remind one of the voices from Bulgaria. However they are deep in an almost disappearing tradtion of the native canton Schwyz, including the Muotatal.
TCB 03042
TCB 03082

rosa loui
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skoda ŠKODA advertising backed with my song "Mytha Groove 16" from the CD "Mytha Three"
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Mytha Three
An Alphorn Polyphony and Songbook

The most recent studio recording of MYTHA quartet. A rich array of very contrasting pieces of music. From multiphonic introductions, over polyphonic orchestrations of an archaic Call from the Muotatal, up to Beethoven’s Hymn “ Freude schooner Götterfunken”, not to forget many MYTHA grooving pieces, partly in odd meters
TCB 01 102


Feat. Mark Soskin
TCB 97102


New church music for trumpet and organ
Feat. John Wolf Brennan
Leo Records LR 292


Habarigani Two

Improvised Chamber Music
HATart 6064



Steve Lacey Double Sextet:

HATart 6116




Steve Lacey 6: We See

HATart 6127






Christine Lauterberg, Hans Kennel, Regina Steiner





Chriesibaum im Jahresring

Alpine poems and soundscapes
Feat. Betty Legler
MGB 6192






Broken Dreams

Another type of tango
Feat. Alexandra Prusa
MWI 2015






Habarigani Brass

HATart 6185



How it all Started

After a short out-of-print period, these first historic recordings are now partly available again in this compilation. The then revolutionary music that triggered an avalanche of new alphorn playing, sounds fresh and daring as ever and has lost none of its original energy. An ear-opener!
hatOLOGY 648

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