Born in Schwyz, trumpeter Hans Kennel played classical for a short period, then jazz (see biography) and other experimental music for years. When by accident he saw some photos in a family album that showed his father playing with his brother and grandfather (their Alpine blues), Kennel became aware of his personal heritage and his career took a sharp turn.  First Kennel's experiments with elements of Alpine music were often tagged with an "exotic bonus".  His groups and projects, Alpine Jazz Herd (co-led with musicologist Jürg Solothurnmann), Alpine Experience and especially his alphorn quartet MYTHA, however slowly started to attract wider attention and acclaim throughout the years. Kennel's groups have recorded CDs and successfully toured in and mostly outside of Switzerland. Their concert appearances and CDs incited an astonishing new interest in Alpine music, especially among younger musicians, singers, instrumentalists (a whole school of new alphorn players) have appeared on the scene and gained general attention.  "New Alpine Music" or "Alpine World Music" - for Hans Kennel a life long affair, a never ending work-in-progress   
For his committed work as a musical catalyst in the triangle of folk, classical and improvised music, Kennel was honored with the Cultural Award of Central Switzerland 1998.
In 2014 Hans Kennel was nominated for the first "Swiss Grand Award for Music" by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC), Switzerland.  

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